Linear regression model to estimate CDW generation in structural masonry buildings

Abstract The prediction of the construction and demolition waste (CDW) done during the design phase is essential to ensure proper waste management on construction sites. Similarly, these indices can contribute to reducing building losses and operating costs. Because of the difficulties to quantify CDW, this article proposes a multiple linear regression model to estimate the CDW generation in vertical residential buildings with structural masonry. Considering a confidence interval of 95%, the coefficient model (R2) was calculated at 0.802 and the adjusted coefficient model (adjusted R2) obtained was 0.741. The comparison between CWD generation measured on the building site and the estimate produced by the prediction model developed in this study showed errors ranging from 10.62% to 54.94%. Hence, the regression model proved to be applicable to both construction systems: beam-column and structural masonry systems. Engineers and Architects can use it as a tool to estimate CDW in the Waste Management Plan of construction projects.