Luiz Nunes and the plan for health institutions in Pernambuco

2019-06-26T06:29:49Z (GMT) by Cecilia Ribeiro

Abstract During Pernambuco governor Carlos Lima Cavalcanti’s term (1930-1937), the architect Luiz Nunes and his team were able to produce a series of plans for notable public buildings in the short period of time spanning 1934 to 1937. This article analyzes plans for the School for Abnormal Children and the Military Brigade Hospital, which exemplify the close relationship between medical knowledge, modern architecture, and state government policy and have not yet been examined in detail in academic studies. The main sources were the archives of the Diário da Manhã and Diário de Pernambuco newspapers, as well as the group of architectural plans in the Jordão Emerenciano Public Archive.