Mal-Positioning of Dialysis Catheter in Anomalous Left Superior Pulmonary Vein in a Patient with Acute Type A Dissection, a Case Report

Abstract The partial anomalous pulmonary vein drainage is a rare congenital defect. The pulmonary vein drains in to a systemic vein instead of draining in to the left atrium. In this rare birth defect, the right sided pulmonary vein involvement is more prevalent than the left sided pulmonary veins. We present a case where the anomalous left superior pulmonary vein was diagnosed when a renal dialysis catheter (size = 12F x 16cm) was mal-positioned in to the Anomalous left superior pulmonary vein, demonstrating confusing blood results. We describe how a systematic multidisciplinary approach and use of advanced imaging techniques can recognise and deal with this rare clinical dilemma.