Mapping the action patterns of countries in Global Value Chains and the gains in terms of structural change

Abstract This article aims to map the patterns of actions carried out by countries in Global Value Chains (GVC) and their gains, in order to identify under which circumstances such actions were accompanied by structural change. These patterns refer to the insertion of countries in GVC and possible evolutions through different types of upgrading. The mapping was carried out using a sample of 40 countries between 1995 and 2008, with 12 indicators that captured characteristics of the participation in this process. Due to the amount of information, we used cluster analysis, which combined with other analytical criteria, identified six patterns of insertion and upgrading of countries in global chains related to structural change potential. It was found that the intensity of structural change is associated with specific action patterns in the chains related to functional and chain upgrading, and by the latter, the structural change occurring only in countries located at the initial productive stage.