Maternal schistosomiasis: IL-2, IL-10 and regulatory T lymphocytes to unrelated antigen in adult offspring mice

Abstract INTRODUCTION: We evaluated IL-10, IL-2 and regulatory T cells (Treg), in response to ovalbumin (OA), in offspring from schistosomotic mouse mothers. METHODS: We used animals born (BIM) or suckled (SIM) from infected mothers; and mice born/suckled from infected (BSIM) or non-infected mothers (CONTROL). After OA+adjuvant immunization, spleen cells were cultured, with or without OA, and doubly marked for cytometry. RESULTS: BIM showed fewer CD4+/IL-2+ and more B220+/IL-10+ cells, whereas the SIM group showed increased Treg frequency. BSIM had fewer B220+/IL-10+ and Treg cells. CONCLUSIONS: Separately, gestation or nursing induced immunosuppressive cells in infected mothers, but improved anti-OA immunity when combined.