Measurement of organizational learning: literature review and research agenda

Abstract This article presents the state of the art on measurement of organizational learning. The scales published in scientific articles in the ISI Web of Science, Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) sub-base and the Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO) databases were used as reference. The study maps the organizational learning scales and analyzes the conceptual bases of the different measures. We have identified 32 scales to measure the construct in the ISI Web of Science platform and 3 scales in SciELO. These scales belong to different domains and conceptual perspectives, and the most common domain is information and knowledge processing. The results point to a still embryonic research scenario, lack of conceptual convergence between the measures and methodological shortcomings in relation to the development of valid and reliable empirical measurement of organizational learning. From these results, the article presents a research agenda for the advancement in organizational learning measurement.