Medicalization and Education: analysis of service processes in school complaints

Abstract The present research aimed to understand the effects of medicalization through the use of medication in the schooling process of children attending a psychological-school service. It was sought, through the analysis of medical records, to understand what led to the diagnosis as a disease and, consequently, to the medicalization, and what the effects for the child, the family, and the school. We read 43 medical records of a psychological-school service of a psychology course and only 2 met the criteria defined by the researchers. The results obtained with this research were divided into two categories of analysis: 1) the family and the medicalized child and 2) medicine as a panacea. As a result, we noticed the continuity of a school that discriminates against those who do not meet the model of student and family that fits their predominant teaching modalities, naturalizing as an individual difficulty phenomena of socio-historical-cultural origin.