Merde! Teachings from Russian art to Organizational Learning

ABSTRACT Considering the human being in his entirety is to understand him as a spiritual being, who does not separate the existential from the instrumental, who finds and shapes the meanings of what he experiences in the action or while acting, can be a path to more adequate responses to the present society (LINCOLN; GUBA, 2006). In this article, we relate concepts and practices in Russian art with Organizational Learning (OL). From Vygotsky’s ideas on Double Stimulation and the method of Ascending from the Abstract to the Concrete, used in learning theories like the Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (CHAT), we sought to establish a connection between the potential of art to stimulate and develop man’s learning as a spiritual being and OL. Art offers the possibility of awakening a spiritual force that can move man and “awaken” him to his role of agency, transforming his life and his reality. This relationship is established by bringing Vygotsky and Stanislavski together, and we use the method of the Russian playwriter to propose a draft method that considers art as medicine and a cure for organizations to understand the human being in his entirety and also for them to be constituted as spaces for development.