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Method to Determine the Root Canal Anatomic Dimension by using a New Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Software

posted on 13.03.2019, 02:42 by Mike R Bueno, Cyntia R.A. Estrela, José Mauro Granjeiro, Manoel D. Sousa-Neto, Carlos Estrela

Abstract This study discusses a method to determine the root canal anatomic dimension by using e-Vol DX software. The methodology consists in initially establishes the correct positions which will be measured, define the point on the edge of the anatomical structure, and next adjust the intermediate position in the grayscale of CBCT image. Afterward, thin sections (0.10 mm) are obtained from 3D reconstructed slices in the filter for the measurements, in order to determine the edge of the anatomical surface in the axial plane. A replication of positions in 3D mode is done in multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) of CBCT images, where the correct position is established with the aid of a positioning guide. The 3D density is adjusted so that it is in the same dimension as the 2D image, and a dimension calibration occurs to the point where there is a coincidence between 3D and 2D. This calibration is done only at the beginning of the measurement. Next, the intermediate position of the division between the grayscale is verified in the CBCT scan. Once one side has been completed, it is moved to the other side and follows the same guidelines described above. When setting the position of the courses in the other margin, being that 2D mode is used as reference. Thus, one obtains the required measure, being checked in the two points. The creation of this filter in the e-Vol DX software for measurement, and its appropriate management, allows more effective applications when it is desired to obtain diameters of anatomical structures.