Middle constructions and transitivity alternations in Toba language (Guaycuruan Family)

2019-08-14T02:55:59Z (GMT) by Adriana Alicia Zurlo

ABSTRACT This article analyzes middle constructions in toba language (Guaycuruan family) from a typological and functional approach. It is argued here that middle voice is coded with verbal paradigm n- and shows typical characteristics of a basic voice system (Klaiman 1991). The aim of this study is to describe within the heterogeneous continuum of middle constructions in this language, several transitivity alternations such as applicatives, reflexive (-laɁt), reciprocal (-aɁt), which coocurres with middle alternates verbs. The middle voice in this language is a complex semantic category that does not only involve semantic-syntactic detransitivization.