Migration Policy and Crimes: Removal by Criminal Offenses and Rights under the Current Argentine Migration Law

2018-05-16T02:45:14Z (GMT) by Lila García

Abstract In this paper I present some doctoral research findings related to the implementation of the argentine migration policy through the Judiciary: the cases of removal by criminal offenses. Thus, I employ the records reviewed for the research, which removal order was based on a criminal offense and I distingue two different regimes for removals: “newcomer” and “resident”. Then, I list the cases founded and certain details (years of incarceration, existence of family, date of entrance, etc.) that allow me to analyze the balance between the criminal sanction and the removal, and the rights of the migrant (e.g. to family reunification, etc.). Finally, I conclude that the removal once the sentence is served is a sanction that undermines the non bis in idem principle and that in almost every case the person involved was treated as a “newcomer”, banning this way a judicial revision.