Minas counted in number: Capitania of Minas Gerais and the Demographic sources (1776-1821)

posted on 17.01.2018 by Roberta Giannubilo Stumpf

Abstract The “population tables” available since the 1770’s shed new light on a period in the history of Minas Gerais which was particularly important for the transformations experienced in very different fields. Based on information gathered in these documents, this paper focuses on the transformations of Minas Gerais’ economy as well as the redefinition of that society in a period 548 R. bras. Est. Pop., Belo Horizonte, v.34, n.3, p.529-548, set./dez. 2017 Stumpf, R.G. Minas contada em números in which captaincy gains a new profile, yet maintaining its fundamental role in the dynamics of the center-south of Portuguese America.