Monitoring and Evaluation of Decennial Education Plans: the production of knowledge in Brazil

ABSTRACT The main objective of this work is to carry out a balance sheet on the production of the knowledge related to the monitoring and evaluation of the decennial education plans, from 2001 to 2017, here understood as the National Plan of Education (PNE in Portuguese acronym), State Plan of Education (PEE - Portuguese acronym) and Municipality Education Plan (SME also in Portuguese acronym). For this survey, no distinction was made between the two generations of Plans, which emerged after the democratic Brazil of 1988 (PNE 2001-2010 and PNE 2014-2024 and the respective subnational plans), since it was considered relevant to reach greater scope in the research in order to contribute to the production of knowledge about the subject matter in discussion. This article has qualitative and quantitative approach and used exploratory and bibliographical research. The databases used were: a) Portal of Thesis and Dissertations of CAPES; b) Annals resulting from the national meetings of ANPED; and c) databases of the Electronic Scientific Library Online (Scielo Brazil). The results show that the production of national knowledge related to the 10-year education plans is still very scarce, especially when considered the exclusive focus on monitoring and evaluation of the Plans. We conclude, therefore, that such focus is an open field and the fertile ground for further research.