Monitoring of stem cells from adipose tissue injected via retrobulbar next to previously injured optic nerve of rabbits

Abstract Obtective: To verify the presence of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) in the area close to the optic nerve of previously injured with absolute alcohol. Methods: Twelve New Zealand breed rabbits were divided into two groups, and after sedation, each eye of the animal received a retrobulbar injection of 1 ml of absolute ethanol in one eye, and 1 ml of physiological solution 0.9 % (PS) in the contralateral eye. After 15 days all eyes of animals belonging to group A, received via retrobulbar a solution containing MSCs from human adipose tissue (AT) and previously marked with Qdots, while all eyes of animals from group B received solution containing PBS. Results: The presence of MSC was observed in 100% of the eyes of the animals of group A and the more central areas near and into the optic nerve. Conclusion: The results suggest that the appointment of MSC with Qdots allowed their follow-up applied in the region and in the inner areas of the optic nerve. The MSC permanence after 15 days of application around the optic nerve suggests the feasibility and possible involvement of the same during the damaged tissue regeneration process. Under the conditions of this study, the route of retrobulbar application and the presence of the stem cells to the central areas of the optic nerves in animals of group A, suggests that this might be an effective approach for MSCs in regeneration process of optic neuropathies.