Morphological description and new records of Hygrocybe conica var. conica and H. nigrescens var. brevispora (Hygrophoraceae) in Brazil

posted on 13.11.2019 by Alexandre G.S. Silva-Filho, Celia C. Bottke, Iuri G. Baseia, Vagner G. Cortez, Felipe Wartchow

ABSTRACT Hygrocybe conica var. conica and H. nigrescens var. brevispora were collected in the Atlantic Rain Forest of the States of Paraná and Rio Grande do Norte States, respectively. These two taxa were reported in mushroom checklists of Brazil; however, their morphological features and variations have been hitherto poorly documented. Thus, it is provided for the first time a complete description for these two Brazilian varieties. Hygrocybe conica var. conica was reported in the last century for the southeast region, more precisely from the mixed ombrophilous forests of São Paulo State. Presently, this variety is a new record for the seasonal semideciduous forests of Paraná State, southern Brazil. Hygrocybe nigrescens var. brevispora was known from coastal ecosystems of the south and southeast regions; it is also being indicated here as a new record for the northeast region.