Multi-objective Optimization of Supercritical Water Gasification of Leftover Brazilian Ginseng Roots After Phytochemical Recovery Steps

Abstract The present study aims at studying the supercritical water gasification (SCWG) of leftover Brazilian ginseng roots after phytochemicals extraction for synthetic natural gas (SNG) production, envisioning the development of a promising Brazilian ginseng roots valorization using sub/supercritical fluids in different steps. A multi-objective energetic-economic-environmental optimization of the proposed SCWG process was assessed through the use of computational simulation tools. The results showed that, for a given leftover biomass input of 20MW, a specific cost of 62-66 USD/MWh of SNG is obtained, which is higher than the average price on the Brazilian market. On the other hand, the production process of SNG from this residue showed to be a promising option, being energetically self-sufficient and environmentally friendly. In order for this alternative process to become more economically attractive we proposed the construction of the SCWG and the sub/supercritical extraction units in the same location, sharing part of the same high-pressure equipment.