Myrtaceae in Serra Geral of Licínio de Almeida, Bahia, Brazil

Abstract Myrtaceae is represented by 23 genera and 974 species in Brazil, and it is one of the most representative families in the Espinhaço Range. The Serra Geral is one of the mountain ranges that make up Northern Espinhaço and represents a floristic gap in the region. Thus, the main purpose of this work was to produce a floristic inventory and taxonomic study for Myrtaceae in Serra Geral of Licínio de Almeida, Bahia. Nine field trips were carried out between 2012 and 2015, and the collected specimens were processed and housed in ALCB and HUEFS herbaria. Eight genera and 43 species of Myrtaceae were found, amongst which Psidium proved the most diverse genus (14 spp.), followed by Eugenia (10 spp.), Myrcia (8 spp.), Myrciaria (5 spp.) and Campomanesia (3 spp.). Blepharocalyx, Calyptranthes and Plinia are represented by a single species each. Psidium rhombeum and Psidium ganevii are endemic species to Bahia, while Calyptranthes clusiifolia is a new occurrence in the state. This study presents a specific identification key, descriptions and comments, as well as photos and diagnostic illustrations, for each species.