Nanostructured Films Produced from the Bleached Pinus sp. Kraft Pulp

ABSTRACT This study investigates the physical and mechanical properties of nanostructured films produced from Pinus sp. kraft pulp. To obtain the nanocellulose, the bleached kraft pulp was submitted to six different grinding regimes: two, five, ten, 20, 30, and 40 passes through the grinder. The influence of the number of passes was evaluated through the films’ physical and mechanical properties. The results show that the nanofibers reduced the thickness and considerably increased the density values of the fabricated films. The tensile strength increased more than 300% and the burst index was ten times higher in relation to normal papers. The more compact structure and lower porosity caused by the larger contact surface between nanofibers in the nanostructured films resulted in higher values of density, tensile strength, and burst resistance.