New urban sprawl vectors of the real estate-financial complex in São Paulo

2018-12-26T02:42:38Z (GMT) by Paula Freire Santoro Raquel Rolnik

Abstract This article approaches the participation of global players in the real estate-financial complex in São Paulo. Global players are defined as investment funds and transnational companies specialized in real estate that enter financial markets not only as a way to diversify assets and mitigate risks, but also to enable their action in geographical locations, creating sprawl vectors. The article intends to discuss the following questions: (1) Are global players and international capital penetrating the real estate-financial complex in São Paulo? How? (2) How is this capital spatialized? Does it create new urban sprawl vectors and real estate products, morphologies and typologies? Does its action result in territorial restructuring processes? (3) How does its spatial logic interact with involuntary dispossession and relocation processes? To answer these questions, the article mapped global players’ real estate assets and found a new urban sprawl vector at the Rodoanel.