Normative evaluation of Dental Specialties Centers, Brazil, 2014

ABSTRACT It is the objective of this study to perform a normative evaluation of the Dental Specialties Centers (CEO) in Brazil accredited until the year 2014. It is a normative evaluation, with a quantitative approach, based on indicators and parameters guided by the construction of an evaluation model. CEO in Brazil were rated as bad, average or good. The majority of CEO in Brazil (68.1%) were classified as average. In the structural dimension, 78.1% of CEOs were classified as good; in the organizational dimension, 64.6% as average; and in productivity, 48.2% as bad. There was a significant association between the CEO’s final judgment and the geographical location and population size of the municipalities. The evaluation evidenced non-compliance with several normative indicators, showing that they are not fully complying with the recommended norms.