Nutritionist’s job market: 80 years of history

ABSTRACT Objective To analyze the increase in the number of nutritionists and the aspects of the job market in the last decade. Methods Critical test based on literature review and official data provided by nutrition councils and other entities. Results There was an average yearly increase of 8,248 nutritionists in the period from 2010 to 2017, having the largest contingent of professionals concentrated in the Brazilian Southeast region. In 2017 there were 126,539 nutritionists registered in the country’s ten regional councils, practically twice as much as in 2009 (60,554 nutritionists). Even though the last nationwide research on the profile of nutritionists was performed in 2006, the production of local studies showed that more than half of the professionals voluntarily continued their education after graduating. In 2018 the Federal Council of Nutritionists updated the areas of work with details divided in subareas, segments and subsegments. Public spaces for food security, primary health care and sports nutrition are examples of new fields for the nutritionist. In the period of analysis there was an increase of 58.9% of the wage floor, however, still below the national average and other health professionals, and with longer working hours. The current wage floor for nutritionists is R$2,558.05. Conclusion In addition to the increase in the number of professionals, there were adjustments in specific labor legislation, as well as geographical repositioning, diversification and expansion of the job market. It is necessary to move ahead, mainly in what concerns a more extended and holistic understanding of the profession.