OSB/MDP hybrid wood-panel with Pinus taeda wood species and castor-oil resin

Abstract Reconstituted wood-based panels are an alternative for use in the building and furniture industries. Two important examples of them are the OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and the MDP (Medium Density Particleboard). The aim of this study was to evaluate the physical and mechanical properties of OSB/MDP hybrid panels, aiming at their use in a new wood particle recycling system. OSB, hybrids and MDP panels were manufactured at laboratory scale and their physical and mechanical properties were evaluated according to EN 300:2006 and ABNT NBR 14.810-2:2013 Codes. The influence of the panel types on physical and mechanical properties was investigated by analysis of variance (ANOVA), and Anderson-Darling (AD) and Bartlett (Bt) variance homogeneity tests were used to verify the validity of the ANOVA. The Tukey multiple comparison test was used to group factor levels (panel type) in the evaluated properties. The values obtained for the physical and mechanical properties of the hybrid OSB/MDP panels reached the minimum values required by the current standards. The hybrid wood-panels presented properties that allow their application as structural members and their use in humid environments.