Occurrence of anti-Brucella abortus agglutinins in small ruminants in Sergipe

ABSTRACT: The objective this study was to evaluate the occurrence of small ruminants seropositive for Brucella abortus in Sergipe, Brazil. Samples of sheep (1,200) and goats (675) serum blood was collected from 101 farms of 25 counties of the three mesoregions of the state. The technique of Acidified Buffered Acid stained with Rose Bengal (RB) was used and all samples confirmed a positive result using the 2-Mercaptoethanol technique. Four (0.21%) seropositive animals were diagnosed by technique AAT stained with RB, three sheep’s (0.25%) and a goat (0.15%), were confirmed by the 2ME test. In all the positive properties, the intercropping of small ruminants with cattle was adopted, favoring the contact with the agent. The prevalence of anti-B. abortus antibodies in herds of small ruminants in Sergipe is described for the first time, and is low, however, it is important to identify seropositive animals to be discarded due to their zoonotic potential.