Open Access Documentary Production of the Spanish-Speaking Community in Mathematics Education for Middle School Education

Abstract We present results of a study which objective was the open access documental production characterization of the Spanish-speaking community in Mathematics Education for middle school. From a taxonomy of key terms specific to Mathematics Education, we made a semantic approach to the documentation content, which was produced by this community of teachers and researchers between 1986 and 2017. We defined the following study variables: educational level, document type, school mathematics, and curriculum. We crossed the educational level variable with the other variables and, with a normalization process, we identified the values of these variables in which the middle school is different from the other educational levels, since it has the highest or lowest percentage of documents published. In comparison with other educational levels, middle school is distinguished by having the highest or one of the highest production levels in activities. It stands out for addressing issues of probability, calculation, measurement and algebra, and classroom and learning.