Ophthalmic Doppler in persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous atypical presentation: case report

ABSTRACTThe purpose is to document a case of persistent hiperplastic primary vitreous (PHPV) with atypical Bergmeister's papilla and patent hialoid artery that had its conclusive diagnosis done by doppler ultrasound. We report a case of child, who had unilateral leucokoria. This child's fundoscopic examination showed a white mass on the optic nerve that extended over to adjacent retina. Performed ultrasound that remained a doubt with the following diagnostic hypotheses: persistent hiperplastic primary vitreous, granuloma (toxocara), astrocytic hamartoma and retinoblastoma. The diagnosis was only established when the doppler ultrasound showed a blood flow inside of the membrane, thus confirming the diagnosis of persistent hiperplastic primary vitreous associated with the Bergmeister'spapilla.