Organics Amendment and Eucalyptus grandis for Phytostabilization on Soil Contaminated with Copper

ABSTRACT This work aimed to use peat as ameliorating and Eucalyptus grandis for the phytostabilization technique for remediation of a contaminated soil with copper. The work was conducted under completely randomized design in a factorial arrangement (2 × 6), with and without addition of peat (200 mL L-1 of soil) and six doses of copper (0 (Zero), 60, 120, 180, 240, 300 mg kg-1 of soil), with six replications. Evaluations consisted of seedling height, stem diameter, shoots and roots dry weight, specific surface area, copper concentrations and accumulation in roots and shoots and translocation index. Peat addition showed an ameliorating effect on soil contaminated with copper and higher seedlings growth. Eucalyptus grandis seedlings showed higher copper accumulation in roots, and with characteristics may indicate this species for phytostabilization of soils contaminated with copper.