Organizational factors influencing project success: an assessment in the automotive industry

posted on 28.08.2019 by Izabela Andressa Machado dos Santos, Gladys Dorotea Cacsire Barriga, Daniel Jugend, Paulo Augusto Cauchick-Miguel

Abstract Paper aims Although many researchers have identified important factors for project success, there is no consensus with regard to all the factors that influence project success. This work aims to assess organizational factors that influence project success in automotive firms. Originality Few studies have analyzed the integrated relationship between organizational factors and project success. Research method The study carries out a quantitative survey on a sample of 72 companies. Data were analyzed through confirmatory factor analysis. Main findings The results show that the variable that most influences project success is ‘organizational culture’, followed by ‘change management’, and ‘top management support’. The results also indicate that a culture of flexibility and a climate that supports innovation tend to positively influence project performance. Implications for theory and practice The findings suggest that it is relevant to focus attention on human resource development, empowerment, and teamwork within the context of project management.