Osteoporosis and Healthy Life Expectancy: estimates for Brazil in 2008

Abstract Objective Estimate osteoporosis life expectancy and osteoporosis-free life expectancy for Brazilians in 2008 at birth and at 20, 40, 60 and 80 years. Method The Sullivan method is used to combine the period life tables from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics and the prevalence of osteoporosis according to the Protective and Risk Factors for Chronic Diseases by Telephone Survey (Vigitel Brazil 2008). Results The main results of the study indicate that at birth, a man could expect to live, on average, 69.1 years and of these, 1.3 years would be with osteoporosis. For women, life expectancy was higher (76.7 years), as was osteoporosis life expectancy (7.9 years). Upon reaching the age of 60, women could expect to live another 22.7 years on average, 7.0 of those (31.0%) with osteoporosis. As for men the same age, only 1.3 years (6.6%) of the remaining 19.5 years would be spent with osteoporosis. Conclusion The results call attention to the need to consider the differences between the sexes in relation to the demand for care.