Overlay removable partial denture as temporary restoration of vertical dimension of occlusion in a bruxist patient

The reestablishment of the vertical dimension of occlusion is an important phase during prosthodontics treatment. Its reduction can be a consequence of severe bruxism, and patient rehabilitation requires complex, expensive, and long treatments. In this context, an overlay removable partial denture is a viable alternative, as it represents a simple manufactured reversible treatment. As a temporary treatment, it does not require tooth wear, reestablishes vertical dimension of occlusion, and allows the patient to adapt to this new dimension until the definitive rehabilitation treatment can be planned and finished. This case report describes the temporary rehabilitation of a maxillary complete edentulous bruxist patient with excessive tooth wear on his lower jaw, seeking treatment at the Removable Prosthodontics Department at State University of Ponta Grossa to replace his upper complete denture. A new complete denture was made and the implementation of an overlay removable partial denture was proposed to be made to the lower arch, which provided aesthetics and function to the patient until the completion of the definitive work. The patient was instructed and guided about the causal factors and consequences of his parafunctional habit and was taught methods for self-perception to control frequency. For the final rehabilitation, a new maxillary complete denture with metal occlusal surfaces will be made as well as metaloceramic crowns with metal occlusal using intraradicular retention with cast posts. An occlusal splint will be inserted in the lower jaw as supportive therapy to control the parafunctional habit.