PIBID contributions to the construction of teaching identity of Chemistry teacher

Abstract: In this article we bring some results of research in which former scholars of the PIBID, chemistry teachers of state education system were investigated, in order to characterize the contribution of the program for the construction of the teaching identity. The procedures of Discursive Textual Analysis (ATD) allowed the data analysis through Strands of Learning for Teaching and 3x3 Matrix. Among the conclusive results, we highlighted that: the Interest in Teaching and the Identity of Teacher are present in the speech of all subjects, what demonstrates the process of building their professional identity. Those who expressed more Teaching Reflection were the ones with more teaching experience; three subjects had major proportions of the categorized speech in the social relation with knowledge, while the others in the personal; the epistemic relations, although with a lower percentage, showed more than in the other relations and related to the performance in PIBID.