Parametric model of reinforced concrete frames with optimized sizing: a proposal of a design tool for the early stages of the structural design

2017-12-20T02:56:06Z (GMT) by Felipe Tavares da Silva

Abstract Commonly, the conception of the structural system and its preliminary design should take place in the early design stages of a building's architectural form. Traditionally, studies suggest pre-sizing rules given by the relation between the cross-section dimensions and span lengths. In order to assist in this process, this paper proposes the prototype of a structural parametric design tool for a three-dimensional reinforced concrete rigid frame structure, composed by beams, columns and flat slabs. The input data that can be manipulated by the user of this tool are the overall dimensions of the structure, the characteristic strength of the concrete, the columns' reinforcement ratio, the floor system displacement limit, the load values on slabs and beams and the cross-section dimensions of the members. The solutions of this system were obtained using a Genetic Algorithm coupled to the proposed one. The product obtained is a geometric model if the structure with its sizes viewed on the CAD viewport in real time, updated as the changes in the input data occur. The performance of this tool was compared with previous proposals and we conducted a critical analysis of the possibility of its use to assist trans-disciplinary work in building design.