Partial replacement of wheat flour by pumpkin seed flour in the production of cupcakes filled with carob

Abstract Pumpkin seeds are considered waste and its composition has high protein content, being feasible for human consumption, also reducing costs in waste treatment. In this work we provided an alternative to reuse the wastes of pumpkin seed applied in cupcakes formulation as a complementary source to wheat flour. Four formulations with different proportions of pumpkin seed flour were investigated. The effects of partial wheat flour substitution were evaluated using the parameters texture, height, diameter, specific volume, color, proximate composition and scanning electron microscopy. The formulations used in this work consisted of a control, prepared with wheat flour and three provided of 25%, 50% and 75% of pumpkins seed flour in partial in partial replacement to wheat flour. The incorporation of pumpkin seed flour influenced products significantly (p <0.05), providing greater texture, cohesion, pH, soluble solids (Brix). According to results, the formulation with 50% pumpkin seed flour was considered the best proportion due to similarities with the formulation of 100% wheat flour besides high protein.