Particleboard Panels Produced with Different Radial Positions of Pinus oocarpa Wood

ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of different radial regions of Pinus oocarpa wood on the physical and mechanical properties of particleboard panels. Three different radial regions (internal, intermediate and external) and the mixture (integral log) were assessed. Experimental panels were produced with a nominal density of 0.70 g/cm3 using 8% urea-formaldehyde adhesive; they were compressed at a specific pressure of 40 kgf/cm2 and temperature of 160 °C, for 8 minutes. Wood radial position affected particleboard quality and a direct influence of the chemical composition and density of the material used was observed. Only the panels produced the mixture (integral log) and with the internal region met all the requirements stipulated by the marketing standard.