Performance and carcass characteristics of lambs fed a solution of crude glycerin during feedlot and pre-slaughter lairage

ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to evaluate performance and carcass and meat characteristics of lambs fed a solution of crude glycerin plus water (100 g kg−1 of dry matter) (GLY) during feedlot and pre-slaughter lairage. Data were analyzed as a 2 × 2 factorial (GLY available or not in feedlot and GLY available or not in the slaughterhouse). We evaluated the following treatments (feedlot/slaughterhouse): GLY/GLY, GLY/water, water/GLY, and water/water (control). Lambs fed a balanced diet for 70 days in the feedlot. Slaughter started 12 h after the animals arrived at the slaughterhouse. Dry matter intake, feed conversion, average daily gain, and body weight of lambs fed GLY were similar to those of control lambs. Lambs receiving GLY ingested more water in the feedlot. At the slaughterhouse, water/GLY animals ingested more glycerin and water than GLY/water animals ingested water. Group GLY/GLY had lower drip loss in carcasses than the group GLY/water. The other carcass and meat characteristics (carcass weight, pH, subcutaneous fat thickness, ribeye area, color, water holding capacity, cooking losses, and shear force) were similar among treatments. Solution of crude glycerin plus water can be used as a dietary ingredient for lambs, since it improves hydration and does not change performance and carcass characteristics. This solution supplied as a pre-slaughter supplement does not improve carcass and meat characteristics.