Performance of juice and wine grape cultivars in different training systems

Abstract The increase of rural tourism activities has led growers to use different grape cultivars for the production of wine and/or juice. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the phytotechnical characteristics of grapevines and physicochemical characteristics of grape must obtained for Bordô, Isabel Precoce, BRS Violeta, Isabel and Concord cultivars in different training systems: vertical shoot position; Y-shaped trellis and V-shaped trellis with double spur cordon. The experimental design was randomized blocks for comparison of cultivars within each training system and analysis of the main components for productivity variables was carried out. BRS Violeta cultivar showed higher bunch weight values regardless of training system. Bordô cultivar showed lower yield values and soluble solids content in comparison to other cultivars. Isabel and Isabel Precoce cultivars in the evaluated training systems showed higher soluble solids content. Principal component analysis allowed verifying that in Y-shaped trellis and V-shaped trellis with double spur cordon training systems, cultivars were related to higher yield.