Photodegradation of polyacrylamide hydrogel in the presence of chemical substances for use in agriculture

ABSTRACT Used in agriculture as a soil conditioner because the polyacrylamide basic constituent of the hydrogel has the characteristic of absorbing water by physical process and also stock for the plants according to their water requirements. However, the hydrogel has endured its chain degradation because of UV radiation and salts present in the soil causing the release of residues and toxic substances and non-biodegradable substance. This study aimed to evaluate the photodegradation of polyacrylamide and the effect of some chemical substances present in the soil in the degradation of this polymer. For the evaluation of photodegradation of polyacrylamide was performed by Fourier transform infrared spectrometry (FTIR) to demonstrate the degree of polymer degradation. It was also evaluated the water retention in soil with of the gel by the centrifuge method. The results showed that after degraded polyacrylamide decrease in the amide grouping being indicative of polyacrylamide chain breaking acrylamide. Moreover the polymer lost its water retention characteristics, with the modification of its polymeric nets and gel appearance.