Physicochemical Characterization of Pulverized Phyllite Rock for Geopolymer Resin Synthesis

Geopolymeric materials have some unique properties such as early-high compressive strength, durability, resistance to acids and sulfates, ability to immobilize toxic and radioactive compounds, low porosity and high temperature resistance. These materials are strategic for sustainable development and are a suitable alternative to Portland cement. The use of phyllite as a geopolymer precursor is encouraged by its abundance, low cost, and the fact that it is already applied in ceramic industries as a kaolin substitute. The objective of this paper is the physicochemical characterization of geopolymeric resin using two pulverized phyllite rocks as precursors with STEM, XRD and XRF techniques. It was found that both phyllite rocks studied have a high quartz content of approximately 50% (weight), which have a "filler" function in the microstructure of the resin helping stabilize residual tensions after curing. Kaolinite and muscovite minerals are present in up to 40% (weight) and are responsible for the high compressive strength of the geopolymer resins.