Physiological potential of stylosanthes cv. Campo Grande seeds coated with different materials

posted on 26.12.2018 by Priscilla Brites Xavier, Henrique Duarte Vieira, Cynthia Pires Guimarães

The aim of this study was to assess the effect of different coatings on the physiological potential of stylosanthes cv. Campo Grande seeds. The treatments were: uncoated seeds; limestone + PVA glue; limestone + sand + PVA glue; limestone + activated carbon + PVA glue; calcium silicate + PVA glue; calcium silicate + sand + PVA glue; calcium silicate + activated carbon + PVA glue. Posteriorly, the seeds were analyzed for water content (WC), maximum diameter (MAD) and minimum diameter (MID), thousand seed weight (TSW), germination test, germination speed index (GSI), mean germination time (MGT), emergence, emergence speed index (ESI), mean emergence time (MET), shoot and root length, fresh and dry matter of shoot and root. The coating increased the TSW, MAD and MID and decreased its WC. The treatments comprising limestone + PVA glue and limestone + sand + PVA glue increased the germination time, but none of the treatments negatively affected the physiological seed quality. Treatment with calcium silicate + PVA glue was outstanding for germination speed index and fresh and dry matter of shoot and root in the stylosanthes cv. Campo Grande seeds coating.