Phytochemical screening, Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and sugar analysis of jatobá fruits (Hymenaea martiana Hayne): A native medicinal plant from the San Francisco Valley

posted on 11.12.2019 by Fernanda Granja da Silva OLIVEIRA, Sarah Raquel Gomes de LIMA-SARAIVA, Beatriz Cavalcanti Amorim de MÉLO, Rebeca Almeida SILVA, Maria Aparecida Barboza dos SANTOS, Wagner Pereira FÉLIX, Jackson Roberto Guedes da Silva ALMEIDA

Abstract Hymenaea martiana is a native medicinal plant from the Caatinga, but biochemical studies of the fruit have not yet been reported. Thus, this study aimed to determine sugars and secondary metabolites, as well as assess the sunscreen potential of H. martiana fruits. The fruits were collected in Petrolina and separated into pulp and seeds. The sugar analysis investigated the presence of glucose, xylose, cellobiose, arabinose and xylitol. The determination of secondary metabolites was made through phytochemical screening and sunscreen activity was assessed with the spectrophotometric method. In the fruit pulp, carbohydrates with a great biotechnological potential were identified. The substances found in the phytochemical screening showed great antioxidant, photoprotective and medicinal potential. With the pulp extract, the sun protection factor values obtained were not significant and for the extract from the seeds, the values were 4.54 ± 0.11. Although the values found are below the recommended, the fruit extracts of H. martiana could be used in future development of sunscreen products providing several benefits to the formulation.