Pinna synthetic mold for otoplasty techniques application

Abstract Introduction The ear deformity Tanzer type V, also known as prominent ears, is the most common genetic defect of the pinna. The surgery designed for its correction is known as otoplasty. This esthetic surgery can be performed using different techniques, which requires great skill of its operator. Objective The purpose of this work is the development of a new tool for otoplasty techniques training, aimed on the possibility to minimize errors during the otoplasty. Methods Synthetic molds of the external ear from patients with Tanzer type V deformity were made, using silicone material and rayon. Results The main procedures of otoplasty could be performed in the molds made of silicone and rayon with a good esthetic result. Conclusion The elaborated molds had identical size and shape of a human ear and could be positioned in the same shape of the patient ears. Thus, the synthetic molds were presented as promising simulation tools for the training and surgical enhancement of otoplasty, especially for doctors beginners.