Platforms for scholarly books in open access and their representation on Twitter: metrics of disclosure, discovery, and evaluation

Abstract This article explores the Twitter performances of four platforms that publish, aggregate, and disseminate open access academic books: Scientifi c Electronic Library Online-Livros, Directory of Open Access Books, Open Access Publishing in European Networks, and OpenEdition Books. We followed these institutions’ posts on Twitter between July 8 and 18, 2019, mapping their indicators. The objectivewas to evaluate whether the observed metrics of attention and influence could increase the circulation and reach of academic books in open access, contributing to their dissemination, discovery, and evaluation. To interpret the metrics generated on Twitter, we used the statistical tools and TweetReach, which provide analytical reports that reveal each profile’s engagement, perceptions and its actual and potential reach. After verifying these metrics, we also investigated users’ experiences and the implications of the use, aimingto understand the range of possible reactions followers had regarding the content the platforms disclosed. The results showed that the posts aimed primarily at promotion and dissemination. Followers’ manifestations, in turn, reverberate the posts through replicas and responses, maximizing the effects of use, repercussion, and influence. While that does not attest to the quality of the content, it provides important indications about the readership, helping editors identify emerging themes and evaluate strategies for the dissemination of academic books in open access.