Platyphora Gistel, 1857 from Itatiaia National Park, southeastern Brazil: new synonymy and new records (Insecta, Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)

posted on 07.02.2018 by Aline Sampaio, Marcela Monné

Abstract Platyphora Gistel, 1857 is the largest genus in Chrysomelinae with about 450 species of which 181 occur in Brazil. The Itatiaia National Park is one of the most important Conservation Units of the Atlantic Rainforest and 36 Platyphora species are recorded from the park. We have recorded 38 species of Platyphora. The synonymy of Platyphora fraterna (Stål, 1857) and Platyphora fasciatomaculata (Stål, 1857) is proposed. Platyphora bilimbata (Stål, 1857), P. carolina (Stål, 1858) and P. semiviridis (Jacoby, 1903) are new records for the park; additional distributional records are provided for 18 species. Of the 38 species, 24 are illustrated for the first time.