Popular names for bushmaster (Lachesis muta) and lancehead (Bothrops atrox) snakes in the Alto Juruá region: repercussions for clinical-epidemiological diagnosis and surveillance

Abstract INTRODUCTION: The popular names “surucucu” and “jararaca” have been used in literature for Lachesis muta and Bothrops atrox snakes, respectively. We present the popular names reported by patients who suffered snakebites in the Alto Juruá region. METHODS: Fifty-seven (76%) patients saw the snakes that caused the envenomations and were asked about their popular names and sizes. RESULTS: The snakes Bothrops atrox, referred to as “jararaca,” were recognized as being mainly juveniles (80.7%) and “surucucu” as mainly adults (81.8%). CONCLUSIONS: The name “surucucu” is used in the Alto Juruá region for the snake B. atrox, mainly for adult specimens.