Population Fluctuation of Coleobrocas (Coleoptera) in Six Forest Fragments in Atlantic Forest

ABSTRACT The objective of this work was to evaluate the forest restoration of Guapiaçu river basin in Macacu, RJ, using the families of coleobrocas as tools for environmental assessment. We analyzed the fluctuation of the families of Coleoptera: Cerambycidae, Lyctidae, Anobiidae, Bostrichidae and Curculionidae. Six sampling points were arranged along the river, five points being inferred in reforestation carried out in the basin and a point in the control area of natural regeneration the amount of Guapiaçu river. The collection period started in January 2013, and ended in December 2015. Through quali-quantitative data, there is a greater population density of sub-family Scolytinae in periods of high temperature and humidity and areas more populated by pioneer species used in forest restoration. After the end of the monitoring period, we proposed a model of environmental assessment through the frequency of occurrence of families of coleobrocas collected in forest fragments.