Positive Education: The application of Positive Psychology to educational institutions

Abstract The Positive Education can be broadly defined as the application of Positive Psychology to educational institutions. The beginning of the Positive Psychology movement led to the realization of studies and practices dedicated to the promotion of well-being and the positive functioning of individuals, groups and institutions. Because of that, due to their crucial role in society, educational institutions are considered privileged places to promote well-being, both in the school community and in the society in general. Thus, Positive Education aims not only at academic performance, but also at the flourishing of students and other members of the school community, in order to prepare young people to become accomplished individuals and responsible citizens. Taking into account the scarcity of literature on Positive Education in Brazil, this article intends to present the development of this new approach, resulting from the intersection between Positive Psychology and the field of education, as well as its theoretical and practical aspects.