Post-elastic Deformation Characteristics of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete Composites

2020-01-15T04:37:42Z (GMT) by Sivakumar Anandan Majed Alsubih

Abstract The present study was focused on evaluating the strength and failure properties of hybrid micro-fibre concretes containing micro brass and steel fibre additions. Experimental tests were conducted on different hybrid fibre concretes containing aligned fibres in the direction of beam axis and the relative mechanical performance was compared to randomly distributed fibre additions in concrete. Statistical analysis on the test results were used to compare the distinctive performance of fibre combinations at different dosage levels. The effect of binder to aggregate ratio and the varying proportions of fibre combinations on the concrete properties were assessed in terms of flexural strength, fracture toughness and ductility. The statistical analysis of the experimental results indicated the dual action of hybrid fibre combinations in improving the composite properties and the crack arresting mechanism of fibres at varying stages of loading as observed from the load-CMOD curves. Among the various concretes tested, the hybrid fibre concretes containing steel-brass fibres dosages at 1.0% and 0.03%Vf performed consistently in overall mechanical properties.