Press and graphic humor: the origin of “O amigo da onça”* in question

Abstract This paper presents the results of a research2 that investigates the roots of “O amigo da onça”, humor cartoon created by cartoonist Péricles Maranhão (1924-1961) and published in the magazine O Cruzeiro, from 1943 to 1962. The character is one of the most popular figures of Brazilian graphic humor and reveals the daily life of society at that time. The study confirms an information circulated in the news media , but not yet verified: whether “O Amigo da Onça” was inspired by the Argentine series “Enemigos del hombre”, by Guillermo Divito (1914-1969) and published from 1938 onwards in the magazine Patoruzú (1936-1977), edited in Buenos Aires. To this end, we started with a comparative study that considers not only the production context of the series, but also the character-characteristics s and the type of humor peculiar to the stories. The theoretical framework comes mainly from two areas: the press and graphic humor.