Principal components for the in vivo and carcass conformations of Anglo-Nubian crossbred goats

ABSTRACT: This study aimed to identify the principal components (PC) that explain the highest percentages of total variance and best characterize the in vivo and carcass morphologies of Anglo-Nubian crossbred goats. Nineteen carcass morphometric traits and six in vivo morphometric traits were measured in 28 kids at eight months of age. Principal component analysis indicated that five PC were able to explain 83.57% of the total variance in the 19 original carcass traits. Those components were termed PC1-Carcass Size, PC2 - Body Condition, PC3-Carcass Width, PC4-Chest Depth, and PC5 - Hindquarter. For in vivo morphometric traits, the first two principal components explained 78.86% of the total variance. These components were called PC1-In vivo Size and PC2-In vivo Conformation.