Production and physicochemical characterization of craft beer with ginger (Zingiber officinale)

Abstract This work aims to produce and to characterize physical-chemically an added craft beer of ginger, as well as its sensorial attributes, due to the new demand for products with innovative flavors. The traditional method of production of beer craft type Pilsen was used, with addition of 2 g L-1 of ginger chips in the maturation stage. The final product presented alcoholic content of 3.40 °GL, primitive extract of 7.81 °P, real degree of fermentation of 68.71%, energy value of 115 KJ mL-1, bitterness of 21.5 B.U, pH of 4.46 and color of 7.13 E.B.C. Regarding the minerals, it presented (mg L-1) 58.4 of magnesium; 21.2 of sodium; 412.5 of potassium; 0.06 of iron; 0.23 of copper and 0.04 of zinc. In the sensorial evaluation, the index of global acceptability was of 92%, being others appraised attributes (color, flavor, aroma, appearance and bitterness) with index above 70%. As for the purchase intention, most of the fitting room indicated that they would buy (91%). A chemometric approach indicated that our beer added of ginger showed different characteristics from the others samples classified as pure malt, due to the alcohol, apparent and real degrees of fermentation, energy, potassium and magnesium contents.