Production of Passion fruit in a semi-hydroponic system under protected cultivation

Abstract The objective of this research was to evaluate the production of passion fruit (Passiflora edulis Sims) cultivars in different nutrient solutions, using commercial Bioplant® substrate in slabs system in protected cultivation. A randomized complete block design in a factorial scheme was used with 2 passion fruit cultivars (Araguari and Yellow Master) x 4 nutrient solutions (solution 1, solution 2, solution 3 and solution 4), each plot consisting of 6 plants with 6 replications. Electrical conductivity evaluations in the slabs drained solution started at 15 days after seedling transplantation and the nutrient contents were quantified at the end of the research. In passion fruit, ether extract, crude fiber and crude protein were evaluated. Fruit number, pulp mass, peel thickness and gas exchange were evaluated. It was concluded that the use of nutrient solution 2 in cultivar Yellow Master, with 2.72 dS m-1 electrical conductivity and the use of nutrient solution 4 in cultivar Araguari, with 2.95 dS m-1 electrical conductivity, yielded the largest number of fruits, pulp mass, fruit mass and gas exchange, in slabs system in the protected cultivation of passion fruit.